Dedicated To Preserving History For Generations Of Enjoyment

Who We Are.

An Antique Emporium Dedicated to Preserving History for Generations of Enjoyment.

About Us

Antiquing – it’s all about the thrill of the hunt! Truth is, at Antique Emporium of Shreveport, we get just as excited about our finds too! You’ll enjoy our establishment comprised of individual, quality antique and vintage dealers. We will even hunt for pieces to complete your collection or consign your vintage pieces and antiques.  Best of all, like back in the day, Antique Emporium offers our customers lay-away. One thing for sure is you will find a host of antique lovers with exceptional knowledge that take pride in offering up their rare and wonderful finds.  

Don’t miss Antique Emporium of Shreveport on your next antiquing adventure and be sure and ask to meet one of our very own stars of “American Pickers”.

Don Teach

Don Teach (left, in light blue jean shirt) Antique Emporium Owner and Nickelodeon Piano Collector (just between us, I believe there are fewer than 8 of these pianos in the world left), Mike Wolf of “American Pickers“ (center, navy jacket), and Frank Fritz of  “American Pickers” (right, brown jacket).  

Don Teach began his love for antiques when he restored his first player piano. At that time, Don was 12 years old and this grew into a lifetime of chasing certain pieces and collecting what he could afford. He is known nationally for his skills in restoring old player pianos and music boxes for museums and collectors, primarily Nickelodeon piano restoration. As a skilled player piano technician, he also makes brass rewind gears for Seeburgs and specializes in antique coin-operated player pianos. And while Don enjoys antique music pieces, he has room for other collectibles that make noise, particularly calendar clocks and antique arcade games.

Soon, you can see his latest accomplishment! Don is writing a piece for a book on identifying and restoring Nickelodeon pianos.

Adrian Teach

Adrian Teach and her husband Don Teach have both been collecting antiques for 42 years. With a knack for design, Adrian loves to hold an item and imagine how it was used and displayed 100 years ago and imagine how the home looked. And she particularly has a passion for the Victorian era.  She fondly would have loved living in this era, if not for the diseases.

Beyond the Victorian era, she finds herself drawn to antique clocks, antique lamps and Maxfield Parish art. 

Ann Peters-Dumas

Ann Peters-Dumas is current CEO of A & A Insurance Co., LLC, but a true lover of the Victorian area. Ms. Ann, as she is known to clients and friends – is the 3rd partner of Antique Emporium of Shreveport. Each partner is dedicated to seeking out the rare and the unusual in glassware and antiques for their Shreveport store.

Ann is  passionate about American Brilliant cut glass and Cambridge Crystal. In fact, the Rose Point pattern is her personal favorite.  You’ll also find her knowledgeable on American depression glass.

To her, there’s nothing like the hunt for rare and vintage items.  Come see Ms. Ann and all the dealers at Antique Emporium of Shreveport. A destination where you can hold the past in the palm of your hands.